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6-Day Yellowstone, Arches, Mt. Rushmore Bus Tour

DAY1 Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Beaver, Utah

Today we depart Los Angeles at 7:00 am, passing through the San Bernardino Forest and the Mojave Desert on our way into Nevada. We continue on our road trip until we reach Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world. Once we arrive around 1:30, you are free to spend a few hours exploring America's entertainment capital, the star of the desert, at your leisure. (Don't worry! If you want more time in the city, we'll be back later in the tour.) In the evening, we will travel on into Utah, arriving at our hotel in the city of Beaver around 8:00pm. It's a long trip, but the rising hills and mountains, the miles and miles of brush vegetation and desert, and the interesting wildlife we'll see along the way will make it a fun adventure in America's Wild West.

DAY2 Arches National Park - Colorado - Denver

This morning we will embark on a four hour drive to Arches National Park, known for the more than two thousand natural sandstone arches which it preserves as well as countless spires, sandstone "fins," and monoliths, all formed by a fascinating process of water and wind erosion. After our visit, we will drive for six hours into the state of Colorado and stay overnight in Denver.

DAY3 Denver - Cheyenne - Mt.Rushmore - Spearfish South Dakota

In the morning we will continue on our journey through Wyoming, passing by the state capital and famous cowboy town of Cheyenne on our way to the Mt. Rushmore National Monument in South Dakota, where we will arrive in the mid-afternoon. Here we will gaze up at the famous sculpture of four renowned United States Presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, whose likenesses are carved into the enormous stone face of the Black Hills. From here we will travel to the nearby Crazy Horse Memorial** to learn about and honor the courage of this Oglala Lakota warrior, an inspiring figure among Native Americans. We will also visit Bear Country,** a 250 acre wildlife park in the Black Hills where you can see many rare North American mammals close up! After our visit, we will travel to Spearfish, South Dakota, where we will stay for the night.

DAY4 Spearfish South Dakota - Yellowstone National Park

Today we will travel back into Wyoming on a 7.5 hour trip to Yellowstone National Park, enjoying the breathtaking view of mountains and plains along the way. After our arrival at the Park in the mid-afternoon, we will visit the Mammoth Hot Springs, a beautiful and fascinating complex of hot springs on a multicolored bed of limestone. We will also have the opportunity to see one of the world's largest petrified forests (whose wood has mineralized after being buried in ash and soil), and catch a glimmer of the beautiful Yellowstone Lake through the trees. We will stay overnight at a hotel in Yellowstone National Park.

Tours depart on 06/16, 06/20, 06/27, 07/04, 07/11, 07/18, 07/25, 08/01, 08/08, 08/11, 08/15, 08/18, 08/22, 08/25, 08/29, 09/01 will stay in Canyon Lodge - inside Yellowstone. All other departures will overnight in West Yellowstone Lodge - Yellowstone Park Inn & Suites.

DAY5 Yellowstone - Grand Teton N.P. - Odgen

Today we will continue to explore Yellowstone National Park, famous for its geothermal features, as well as forests and plains teeming with wildlife such as elk and buffalo. One of Yellowstone's most well known features, the Old Faithful Geyser, shoots boiling water as high as 185 feet in the air at an hourly interval. Don't forget to see the park's famous hot springs, created by the geothermal activity of the Yellowstone Caldera, or "Supervolcano." We will also have the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone as well as some of the park's immense waterfalls, like Yellowstone Falls and Silver Cord Cascade. After our tour we will travel from Yellowstone to the Grand Teton National Park to view this spectacular snow-topped mountain range. Continuing on our way into Odgen and spend the night in the city of Pocatello.

DAY6 Odgen - Salt Lake City - Las Vegas

Heading South to Salt Lake City, visit Mormon Temple and State Capital and city tour. Then head south to Nevada State and reach Las Vegas at around 8:00pm, where you can enjoy the different night life in this 24 hours city.

Please arrange return flight to depart Salt Lake City (SLC) after 4:00pm or stay behind in Las Vegas

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